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Access to files

§ 17 General Administrative Procedures Act 1991

  1. Unless the administrative regulations specify otherwise, the authorities must grant access to the files, or those parts of the files that deal with matters concerning the particular party; the parties may make a hand-written copy of the files in situ or, if the necessary equipment is available, may pay to have copies made. If the necessary technical capacity exists, access to the files or parts of files which the party is entitled to examine may be made available via the Internet, provided that the identity (§ 2 subsection 2 E-GovG, BGBl. I No. 10/2004) of the person accessing the files and the authenticity (§ 2 subsection 5 E-GovG) of the request can be verified electronically.
  2. All parties to proceedings must be granted equal access to the files.
  3. Any content in the files which, if made accessible, would be damaging to the legitimate interests of a party or a third party, or which would compromise the relevant authorities' ability to fulfil its duties, or which would frustrate the purpose of the proceedings, is exempt from the right of access.
  4. If access to the files is denied there is no right of appeal.

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